We are exuberant in our postings of vintage hunting & gathering! Being sure to use words that will help our guests to see the type of family & camaraderie we feel at our vintage events. During this fall season, coming near to Thanksgiving & Christmas, our featured word is


We gather our troops to get this show ready. Hoping to gather many Goat Hill friends as guests... who in turn gather their besties and families. Each person with their list of vintage finds they hope to hunt and gather. At this luscious time of year, many are prepping for entertaining season ~ therefore looking for special tablescape, dining, gifting items for their home gatherings.

We have collected { okay... gathered, if you will} quotes from our vendors and others too, on what the word gather means to them. If you'd like to tell us the sentiment of our featured word gather, in your life ~ head over to our Facebook page, or Instagram feed and let us know how you feel during this sweet season of joining together!!

Gather up the folks you love spending a day with and come out to meet our family at Goat Hill Fair on November 12 & 13. Tickets for early entry (8:30a) on opening day { EARLY GOAT } are sold in limited amounts. Thus to ensure an exclusive, first-dibs shopping experience for those that awake early. We have only a limited number left to sell! Find them here at our website. See you soon!

Here are a few groups of smiling GOAT GUESTS from previous gatherings ~

Look at this happy family! The family that plays together - stays together ->

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