We're Blooming! It's Spring!

Spring is all about freshness, new growth and blooming! We are in the midst of blooming, blossoming, growing and putting on a downright SHOWY display! haa

What does it take to have a showy spring display? Well, it takes our friends ~ YOU ~ to follow along. Give your support that nourishes us. Coax us into that delightful place which you love to visit.... a spot where you feel at home. The perfect plot where you & a friend meander on an afternoon ~ gathering and picking the most divine spring treasure.

DO IT! bring your nearest and dearest and find the path that leads you to our spring plot!

Remember, if you like picking early in the morning, our EARLY GOAT tickets are on sale here on this website. Click the Early Goat ticket on the left side of the page.

Have you looked at out Facebook page? or Instagram feed? We'd love to have you! In those spots we have offered small glimpses of the artists-stylist-curators selling wares to add color and pickings for SPRING!


Quite a 'bouquet' of pickings for SPRING, don't you agree?!! .... and there's more! Check here or on those other media sites we highlighted above, to get an eyeful of how we're BLOOMING!!

See you soon at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds!

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