Tickets at the Door, and All Other Matters


We are SOLD OUT of Early Goat tickets ONLY. You are still able to join us by coming to Santa Cruz Fairgrounds and purchasing a $5.00 ticket at the gate! Tickets are good for both days of the event. Hours posted pn this page. Early Goats arrive before opening at 8:30am. General Admission is 10am both Sat & Sun.

To navigate your way to Goat Hill, you can click on the map on this main web page, or on our Facebook page also. There is more than one good route to us. Choose between the highways over the coastal range.... easy-peasy!!

We have a large amount of parking available and it is FREE! On Sunday - please FOLLOW signage, do not pay for parking, this lot is a different event.

Dogs are not allowed at the fairgrounds per County Health Codes and fairground regulations. Except for service dogs. Thanks for your understanding.

We are expecting good weather for the weekend. Rain is forecast for late on Sunday. WE ARE AN INDOOR EVENT!

Most artisans accept credit cards. There is an ATM on site.

There is food and beverage available from opening to close. Both buildings have a kitchen and food vendor. Our main quad area is filled with choices also. Both indoor & outdoor dining tables are available. Look for signage.

There will be photographers, and press staff on site. Be aware that your image may be captured in the taking of photographs and video. Remember ~ we do have a "What to Wear to the Fair" semi-faux-contest! If you're in the mood, wear some fun vintage frocks and we may post about you!!

Speaking of photos - visit our Instagram photo area in the main quad, near the vintage farm equipment. Take some selfies and be sure to hashtag #goathillfair.

If your hands become too full while shopping, make use of our HOLD area, in the main quad. Large items will be brought out of the building for you! Delivery services available to your home.

Most importantly ... have a marvelous time on your hunt for vintage treasures!


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