What's Your Style?

Can you define your interior design style? Or, for that matter, your own personal fashion style? We're alway abuzzzzzz about VINTAGE style at Goat Hill Fair! We live in vintage, we wear vintage, our adornment in jewelry is often vintage. While all this is true, we sure do get our hears all aflutter with a mix of styles! That is often times the best way. Intermingle new with old, sparkly with understated, high-end with simple rustic!

Come get your groove-on, find some "mixing" pieces to accessorize with what you've already got at home... this weekend - November 14 & 15. At the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds.

Our artisans have got style for days!! They stash style in their pockets and let it explode into wonderment at the fair!! They create imaginative displays that will knock your vintage wool argyle socks off!

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