That Was Fulfilling

At the end of each fair, we make sure to thank everyone that makes Goat Hill a success. First off, a round of applause to the creator/producer of the show, Cyndi Garofalo! *clap,clap, clap*

(We're glad to be silly & have a laugh in the midst of all the work) --->


Biggest thanks to our guests, that come and spend time with us, share about us with others, and spend their hard earned dollars at the show!

We offer highest praises to the imaginative group that sell their found vintage wares. Oh, so clever are they - in both the options they offer, and the way the style their spaces!

We'll offer more looks into what the SPRING experience was like, in days to come....

Remember to save the date for our fall show: November 14th & 15th !!


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