Your Trip to The Fair

Goat Hill Fair is located in Watsonville, CA at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. The address for your GPS-mapquest-Maps info is: 2601 E. Lake Ave.

Today we've posted a traffic report at our sites in order to give our guests a HEADS-UP!


Below is an email sent today:

Just a heads up for anyone making the drive here, there is road constructions happening on either side of the the fairgrounds. Two construction zones on Hecker Pass/152 and another directly south of the fairgrounds on 152. The roads are not closed but they are stopping traffic and running one lane at a time. They may be finished up by the weekend, but be cautious and plan some extra time into the trip. One route available is 101 to 129 and follow Carlton Rd to 152. Also Hwy. 17 to ward Santa Cruz and then Hwy. 1 South into Watsonville. Many team members drove the Hwy 152 route today, and it just takes a little extra time!

As we mentioned on Instagram - "Take your time... it's a beautiful destination!" Getting here is nothing a few extra minutes can't fix!

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