Vendors Beyond Compare

This morning we're introducing another group of vendors. You've possibly seen our THINK series of posts? It is a campaign aimed at letting you guests have a glimpse into the amazingly varied possibilities available in merchandise at Goat Hill. Mostly we link and name our vendors on our Facebook page. All of their lovely business names are listed here on this site at the top tab listed: EVENT INFO - pull down will have you click "The Vendors". Yes!!... please, do go check our line-up of talented creators!!


We THINK each of you will find a vintage something perfectly suited to you... no matter what your style is!






Indeed, there are Fancy Goods (image in the booth of Edgar & Edgar Purveyor of Fine Goods). There are quirky items, utilitarian objects, handmade arts, found-objects, upcycled & repurposed goods. We're a little bit country- a little bit rock n' roll (if you get that reference you're a person-of-a-certain-age) hhhaa!!  We're liking the look of mid-mod!



And....  as mentioned in Flea Market Decor, where they listed us as one of top 25 must-see flea markets in America... " flea marketing is all the rage, so let's make it true for any age!"




Truly we welcome guests from ages 16 to 90!!










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