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To be sure and catch every little happening-each bump in the night-all sort of fun, don't forget to follow our page at Facebook, and our feed at Instagram. There are times that we post different items than we talk about on the blog. You may have missed these items ---->

Our offerings are monumental!... what those vendors won't do to make Goat Hill spectacular!




And, as we said - you might miss some of the fun from our other sites ~


Things you should know: We are not expecting rain this weekend. While our lovely Bay Area, California spring weather is indeed HOPING for a few drops, the showers are supposed to come on Thursday and will not affect our guests!

*** STOP the PRESS*** - we are beginning a fun campaign called: FIVE FLIES FAST! If you have a 5 dollar bill in your hand at the entry gate, get to the line marked Five Flies Fast, and your wait will be shorter! We'll try to get you through the line, and into the show with a quick stamp of your hand!

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