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Have you found our new web page an easy browse? Hoping you have navigated your way to see what Goat Hill Fair is all about! Do you see our headers with drop-down tags, so that you might find the wonderful group of people that set-up shop at the fair? And on the left side of the main page you can click to buy tickets.

Our crew will be at the fairgrounds awaiting your arrival -->

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Oh, yes... regarding those Early Goat tickets ~ as of today, Cinco de May (May 5) ~ there are still tickets available for our guests that would like to browse ahead of the pack. Our Early Goat tickets allow early entry on the first day Saturday May 16th - at 8:30 am. *Tick-tock* goes the clock though, as we cut-off EARLY GOAT tix on May 9th!! All other entry is paid for at the gate.


We are immensely proud to have been named one of America's top 25 flea markets !


Call us happy (and blushing to be gushing).. but we've had some nice print in other spots too! Just a nice mention to thank those that wrote of us, and also to give you, or guests, a way to learn more about the show!

Thank you to The Country Register { a paper mag that can be found in many antique/collectible locations }...


and many continued thanks to Steven Yvaska & The San Jose Mercury News for their support of Goat Hill Fair...

Steve had this to say about the show:

The anxiously awaited Goat Hill Fair -- recently picked as one of the top 25 spots to hunt for treasure in the United States by Flea Market Décor magazine -- happens May 16-17.

What makes Goat Hill distinct from other events is the kind of merchandise up for grabs. And the clever way it is displayed.

You'll see the funky, repurposed, easy-to-live-with decorative and functional objects collectors covet nowadays. There could be a stack of white Ironstone plates piled up next to a vintage bird cage. Architectural elements from old buildings get a new lease on life when put to use in a newly remodeled kitchen.

Under the careful watch of Cyndi Garofalo, the show is staged in three spacious buildings. Two contain more than 95 select vendors; the third has food sellers plus Goat Hill-branded goodies.

We are just under two weeks 'til showtime! See you at the fair!

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