Antiquers & Earth Day

April 22, 2015

Goat Hill Fair's large group of expert collectors ... all of the charismatic people who roam the countryside, the junk heap, the barns & attics of long forgotten possessions ~ they are in their own small way helping to make our Earth a better place! We can make the claim that we, as a group are making the world a better place just because of our being!   * insert smiles here *

Truly any soul that reuses objects left behind ~ anyone that repurposes patined, rusted thing-a-ma-jigs, those that hunt & gather beautiful antiques to pass along to others is aiding our goal to make Earth a better place. Don't you agree?


It is our pleasure to be in this business of vintage collecting!



Happy Earth Day! ~ make it EVERY day! ~


 See you soon at the fair. Less than one month from now we open the gates! May 16 & 17!!

Early Goat Tickets still on sale at this site!


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