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We thought it would be interesting to have a series of guests write on Goat Hill's blog! A fresh and fun way to introduce style and thoughts from some of our vendors. We're of the idea that along with our tried & true guests, we'd like to expand horizons and intrigue that young set whom possibly haven't considered vintage as an option for their lifestyle. So, periodically you will find a guest blog post with that topic in mind. Here is our first in the mini-campaign.


Thanks to Marjorie Snow of Coastal Lifestyles for her participation!







The antique culture has morphed.  Check out Pinterest.  It’s a crush of pretty young people inspiring crossover in boho-chic fashion with a touch of vintage, to make it all feel new.  To them it is new, which makes it all look fresh.


Our demographic embraces a wider appeal which now includes the under 30 group.  They are drawn to vintage jewelry and rockabilly rags.  L.A. guys are scouring flea markets and antique fairs for distressed biker jackets, bullet belts and weathered flannel shirts, while the gals are donning old work boots with lace skirts and shredded denim jeans. 1950’s prom dresses are making a comeback and everything aviator is suddenly cool. They know how to give vintage a soulful swagger.


So if you are a vendor at an antique fair or a flea market, remember to display and shop for the new youth movement.  This shifting of gears brings a new life to vintage and the overall result is a new grooviness.


One of the coolest shows to shop from is Goat Hill Antique Fair on May 16 & 17.  It is one of the most buzzed about, offering the best of style for fashion and home.



 * Great vote of confidence from a woman with TONS of style ! *





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