November 16, 2019

Our thoughts on vintage vs. reproduction ... because it has surely been a topic for the Goat staff, for our friends-in vintage, and in the area of vintage-inspired merchandise in the global market...

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" 

Staying true to ourselves, and we believe also to you - our vintage loving friends. Talking about true vintage. We continue to express our...

November 15, 2019

We are here to tell you that the mantra we've been quoting + the hashtag we started :

VINTAGE ADVENTURE sure does bring a bunch of joy with it! 

What started with some new artwork for our GHF store merchandise, for our fair photo booth and myriad posts here and at all of our sites.. well,  now there's just no stopping us sharing it with all of you every chance we get!


November 12, 2019

Hoping that you were able to join us at Goat Hill Fair this past weekend. Our expectations were met, and then some! We were, as we always are, floored by the vintage items that came through the doors! Inside the halls of Goat Hill these treasures shone with all of the luster and magic we adore in old items with a story to tell! Then once these carefully curated pieces leave our doors an...

November 10, 2019

Good morning ! Have you had a chance to peek at all that happened at the opening of Goat Hill Fair yesterday?!! It was a magnificent day! One filled with sunshine, so many happy guest, groups of friends hanging out with us - ALL OF IT SURROUNDED BY THE BEST VINTAGE-OLD STUFF you can think of! You can fill every nook & cranny - each little cubby!

SUNDAY still gives our friends the chance...

November 9, 2019

It's opening day at Goat Hill Fair. See you here this weekend!

If you are an EARLY GOAT .. we'll greet you with some goat kisses and you'll get entry to this magical vintage village at 8:30.

Our general admission guests buy their ticket and enter at 10:00 am. Line-up and ticket sales begin around 9 o'clock.

Not only do we hope you've gathered your family & besties to visit us... we also ho...

November 4, 2019

You can read it here first : The date for our fall show is NOVEMBER 9 & 10, 2019.

We are only days away. The show opens next weekend. 

Unfortunately someone singing our praises - hit a wrong note... in the wrong KEY. The keys on the computer tapped-tapped on the wrong dates, and there is a published piece in local news that gives incorrect info on our event dates.

So, pay no mind to that n...

November 2, 2019

A quick hello to all of the new friends we have found liking our pages, following along on our feeds, and buying up those EARLY GOAT tickets! Thank you for that!

Glad to have you watching this vintage adventure we call GOAT HILL FAIR.

If you're an "old goat", it's highly likely you know the experience set before you at GOAT ..

all of the vintage splendor that is magnificently curated by ou...

October 22, 2019

Who are our favorite people and what is our common bond? We LOVE our goat friends and it seems we all share a thing for old stuff with charm & patina! We're here to tell you this affair we have with you & vintage is some kind of AWESOME!

November's FAIR is rolling along and is  only 18 DAYS AWAY!

Perfectly honest.. we can hardly contain ourselves. As ever, it is our joy to bring these ama...

October 17, 2019

Playing music in our heads..

 🎶 slow down, you’re moving too fast! Gotta make the morning last...

Let this image play in your mind as inspiration for our upcoming market...

Savor it!

We won’t skip the seasons ... any of the ones we've lately called 

“Season of gathering”  and “Season of entertaining “
Our end-of-year fall event offers magic ! Let it give you pause! Spend th...

October 9, 2019

A little bird told us it's time to chirp the news...

Acting as your personal calendar and time keeper, 'tis relevant to let you know that November 9th & 10th are a mere ONE month away!  

Time has slipped quickly into October and all of those fall feelings. In one month there will be even more fall feelings + those of holidays and the season of entertaining! Our November event ha...

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